Your Guide to Apartment Building Security Systems


May 31, 2022

If you’re an apartment building owner, it’s important to ensure the safety of your residents and that they feel secure in their homes. This means investing in an effective and reliable security system. Comprehensive apartment building security systems with multiple interconnected pieces of technology are essential for any space, especially those shared by collective renters and families. This can include video surveillance systems, access control systems, alarms, and other top security measures sought by building managers. This guide will outline the various types of security systems available, apartment complex vulnerabilities, recommended features, and everything you need to know for choosing the right residential security solution for your property.


What Are Apartment Building Security Systems?

Residential security systems for apartments are typically a culmination of multiple levels of security technology to keep the property safe and ensure that only authorized users can access the building. An effective and reliable security solution is necessary whether you manage a small multi-unit building or a large apartment complex. As a landlord or building manager, you may be required by law to have and maintain certain security measures and protocols. Several layers of residential security systems are key to protecting your residents and property.


What Are the Different Types of Security Systems Available?

There are a variety of security systems available on the market, each with its own unique capabilities. It’s important to choose the right system for your specific needs by considering the size and layout of your apartment building, number of residents, type of access (key fob, card reader, etc.), and any other special features or requirements you may need. Here are some of the most popular security components on the market:


Real-Time Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most crucial tools for keeping multi-family complexes and apartment buildings safe. Video management systems can help managers monitor past and real-time video footage of their sites, keeping tenants and properties secure from potential threats and maintaining a level of accountability amongst renters. There are several different security cameras you can get. The one that works best for you depends on the size and layout of your property and the number of your tenants. Wireless security cameras for apartments transmit footage via Wi-Fi connection and store information and analytics to cloud servers. They require a strong internet connection and enough bandwidth to allow for high-resolution video transmission throughout the property. Wired security cameras can withstand power outages and electrical interference. However, they require a physical connection to a central hub to feed and receive information and a separate connection to a power outlet. Information stored in the hub can be sent to users to replay footage or watch in real-time.


Access Control Systems

This security solution refers to the tools and methods used to protect people, property, and information from potential intrusions. This can include hardware devices and software systems to help you manage and organize accessibility in your complex. Secure entry points should be implemented in all apartment buildings, allowing authorized users convenience and keeping unwanted intruders away. The optimal access control equipment supports keyless door entry. Building managers can choose from several access products interconnected so that entry is granted by the use of smart readers like RFID cards, key fobs, or hands-free entry with apps on a smartphone. This technology also allows managers to revoke access to tenants as they move in and out. It’s a cost-effective way to instantly upgrade your apartment’s security and eliminate the need to buy and install new locks as tenants move out.



Alarm systems for apartment buildings and multi-family units are essential. In most states and local ordinances, smoke and fire alarm systems are required by law. Carbon monoxide detectors and burglar alarms are also needed to maintain the security and protection of the property and tenants. There are two types of alarm systems you can get: wireless and wired. Wireless alarm systems provide more convenience, scalability, and easy installation. They’re often more affordable but can present challenges like changing batteries, power outages, and potential hackers. Wired systems won’t fail if the power goes out, but they require a physical connection to communicate to a central hub. They’re more reliable in general, but all signals are destroyed if a single wire is cut. One option isn’t necessarily better than the other. Building managers should consider the scale of their property, maintenance preferences, and potential weak spots for their residential security solutions.


Residential security systems are integral to keeping tenants and properties safe. They provide peace of mind and accountability, often raising the price or making apartments more attractive to potential renters. Whether you manage a small multi-unit property or several large-scale apartment buildings, Access Professional Systems has the perfect residential security solution for you. Their top-of-the-line products provide the highest level of protection backed by warranties and world-class customer service. Take your security to the next level by contacting APS today!


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