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September 28, 2021

Using access control systems, you can protect yourself, your property, and your belongings. The features are simple, easy to use, yet effective. They can deter intruders and ensure that nobody can gain access to your property without proper access rights.  

The solutions you can implement are expansive. Telephone entry systems are integrated with card readers, Bluetooth systems, and smart video surveillance systems from traditional card readers. Please keep reading to learn more about access control, the benefits, where to get it, and how to use it.  

What is an access control system?  

An access control system is a security feature that controls access in and out of properties. These systems are implemented where access to certain areas or equipment is warranted. For example, if you live in a community with shared laundry or a gym. An access control system may control the doors to either facility to ensure only those who live within the community use the facilities. By using an access control system, property management can log who was in the facility and when. If you’re in an office setting, it’s common for materials or a server room to be secured by an access control system. Instead of relying on physical security staff, the access control systems automatically accept or deny entry.  

Access control systems typically work through voice communication, codes, or access cards. They can be activated through all three means, and if the person entering the property has the right information, they will be able to enter.  

The different types of access control and how to use them  

There are several types of access control systems that you should be aware of. All can suit a wide range of needs or preferences to fit your property and access points.  

Telephone entry  

Telephone entry is a common access control system for residential buildings or community living (HOAs) environments. These systems operate through an interface at the gate and normally a phone line to a resident. A resident can accept or deny entry through a phone call and talk to the visitor at the gate. Higher-end solutions include a smart video intercom so that the person can see who’s calling and attempting to enter the community or building.  

Keyless entry  

Other types of access control include keyless entry. These can be integrated into all types of applications from government facilities, warehouses, and residential properties.  

Keyless entry systems can be used in various ways:  

  • Access cards: An access card can be swiped, inserted, or placed near the keyless entry point and a chip inside the card communicates to the reader, allowing access.  
  • Keypads: Keypads are useful if you want to secure your building with a code.  
  • FOBs: FOBs are similar to access cards in that they contain a chip that the keyless entry point will detect to allow entry. 
  • BiometricScanners: Biometric scanners are less common but often feature high-security facilities such as government buildings, military facilities, or correctional properties. These can either be used with fingerprints or eye scans to detect the person’s biometrics and allow them access.  
  • Smartphone: The most recent advancement in keyless entry points is smartphone use. You can use Bluetooth to connect with the entry point and either key in a code or use your biometrics to enter the property.  

Depending on your property preference or security needs, there are various options to suit all industries.  

The benefits of access control  

There are numerous benefits of installing access control systems to your property. Some include:  


Safety should come first, no matter if you are at home or work. Having access control systems means that you can increase your security all day, every day.  

Moreover, having access control systems installed in the workplace will give employees peace of mind. They can rest assured that they are protected when they are at work. Likewise, you can rest assured that your business and property are protected around the clock.  

Environmentally Efficient  

Using digital technologies enables businesses and residences to be more sustainable and achieve greener working and living.  

You will not require people to physically man the property, so less fuel will be used to get to and from work. Plus, when the building is manned overnight using digital technology, no extra energy is used to light or fuel the building.  

Control anytime from anywhere  

The beauty of using access control systems is that you can access your property and control it anywhere.  

Let’s say you want to install keyless entry and video surveillance at work; these systems can be accessed whether you are at home or even on vacation. You can access your property and its surroundings from your smartphones or other technology devices.  

So, if an employee forgets something when they leave, you can grant them temporary access to retrieve what they need; or let in a contractor without physically being on-site.  

Save time and money  

Using access control means that you will not require extra security staff. Instead of hiring staff to man a property overnight, you can rely on the system to do it for you.  

Not only does this save you time finding, hiring, and working with someone, but it will also save your company money. Once the access control is installed, very little maintenance or energy will be used to pay for it.  

Where to get access control systems from  

When looking for access control systems for residences or commercial buildings, it is best to look for companies with experience, expertise, and knowledge.  

There are several companies out there that offer the installation of access control systems. Yet, it is best to look for those that use modern and up-to-date technologies so that you are using the most advanced security for your property.  

Why do others partner with APS?  

Access Professional Systems is a company you can rely on for sourcing and installing your access control system needs for your property. Whether you want to secure an HOA, an office, or a warehouse, there are several options to choose from.  

These will be installed by experts that have been working in the security industry since 1977. With precise and genuine attention to detail, you can rely on APS to provide you with the quality access control security you need.  

Others partner with us due to our reliable service, quality products, and reputation. No matter what you need help with, we will provide you with the best solution.  

If you require any further guidance or have questions to ask, feel free to contact us, and we can help you with your requests. 

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