APS installs and integrates high performance doors for commercial buildings.

High Performance Doors and our preferred partner, Rytec, set the standard for the quality, performance, and reliability of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Speed & Appearance

When speed and appearance are high priorities, Rytec High Performance Doors sets the industry’s gold standard. When most roll up doors can take 10-15 seconds to open, a High-Performance Door by Rytec can open 60 to 100 inches per second while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your structure. In everyday life, we have all become accustomed to instant gratification and eliminating unnecessary time-wasting activities, having a high-performance door makes operations and vehicle traffic flow seamless.

  • Reliability

The useful life of a Rytec door surpasses any other door option on the market. It is built to last. Unlike conventional repair-prone overhead doors, High Performance Doors are engineered to open and close hundreds of times a day, day after day, year after year.

  • Increased Security & Access Control

Fast opening speed combined with rigid construction will enhance building security. Since the door closes quickly after each vehicle enters or exits, unauthorized access is virtually eliminated.


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