Does Gate Automation ACTUALLY Increase a Home’s Property Value?


January 28, 2022

Home is where you should feel safest. With seemingly everything in our lives being upgraded to include some sort of tech or ‘smart’ function, home buyers are following suit in what they’re looking for when considering their next real estate purchase. Adding an automatic gate system is a simple way to adopt an extra level of home protection as well as meet current market demand…and increase your home’s property value!

Increase your property’s market value

No matter the style of home you currently own, curb appeal is always important to prospective buyers. Simply having a swing gate outfitted with automated gate access can up your home value by as much as 5%! If you already have a gate installed, it may just be a simple upgrade to convert to such automation. With as wide a variety as gate doors are made nowadays, you’re sure to find a style that works for your needs and taste! And keep in mind that buyers are also much more willing to pay a higher price if gate automation is already installed.

Add An Extra Layer of Security

Can you ever be too secure? We at Access Professional Systems certainly don’t think so! An entry gate for your property puts one more barrier of protection in place to manage who (and what) is welcome near you and your family. Let your pet out back to run around and not worry about any roaming predator like a coyote having access to your fully enclosed backyard. A gate at your driveway makes it less likely to have any uninvited motorists try to pull in. These gates also can be equipped with a digital gate keypad, gate telephone entry system, and wireless gate entry system to provide added convenience and security.

If there are criminals with an eye on your property, the presence of automated gates can help deter them. You wouldn’t want to risk being trapped behind fencing when you’re trying to make a quick getaway in the middle of the night, would you?

More security for a home is always appealing to potential buyers and will be favorable to your value. If you own a home and simply are uneasy about the security of your property, give a driveway gate some thorough thought. That extra little peace of mind will be worth it!

Curb Unnecessary Physical Troubles

Let’s say you’d like an access system that’s more accessible and inclusive to the elderly and those with mobility injuries or disabilities. Perhaps you count yourself among one or more of those groups! It can be a not-insignificant obstacle for those that have difficulty getting in and out of their car to have a gate they must physically open or close themselves. Inclusive accessibility is always a plus! Make life a little easier with an automated gate that moves with just the push of a remote button.

Install an Automated Gate for Your House 

Each and every property owner can benefit from installing an automated gate system to their driveway as it can both enhance the value of their property and upgrade your safety. If it’s the right time for an improvement to your home, then it’s time to get in touch with Access Professional Systems.

At APS, we help with all sorts of security measures such as video surveillance, commercial doors, parking automation systems, access control like keyless entry, and of course, automated gate access. With options to add a digital gate keypad, gate telephone entry system, or wireless gate entry systems, we can help you figure out what works best for you and your home’s needs. From design and installation to servicing and support – we’ll take care of you through every step of the process. Drop us a line at Access Professional Systems to get started boosting your property value today!

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