Gate Automation – How Gates Can Improve Security and Property Value


August 12, 2021

Protecting properties is a priority for homeowners and HOAs alike. The installation of a gate automation system is unquestionably one of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized access while also providing yourself with peace of mind and adding to the value of your home or association.  

Here at APS, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of residential gate openers for single-family homes and HOAs. Whether they’re overhead gates, sliding or swing gates, we’ll be able to design a solution that’s 100% custom to your property. Here’s everything you need to know about gate automation, including what options are available and why they are beneficial for your property


How Does Gate Automation Improve Security?

When planning to add an automated gate system to gain entry to your home or residential community, the improved security features are undoubtedly one of the main attractions. According to Bankrate, over 1 million break-ins occur annually in America. First, though, you may be wondering, ‘how does an automatic gate opener work?’  

Gate automation is a process that enables a gate to be opened by a motor. Think of a gate opener like your garage door opener. The basic principle is the same—a motor is activated to move the door or gate. The only difference with a gate is that it’s configured to close without activating a switch automatically. This can be achieved through various methods, including intercoms, buttons, card readers, or other entry systems. Whichever method is used, a signal is subsequently sent to a box that controls a motorized mechanism to open the gate.

Security will subsequently be boosted for many reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Added height: The sheer size of automated gates deters many burglars. Not only are they a difficult obstacle to climb, but burglars also realize that they could be equipped with lights, alarms, or video surveillance cameras. When added to the fact people could quite easily notice someone climbing this type of gate, the risks are (literally) too high.  
  • No keys: Unlock traditional door locks; it’s easy to reprogram a gate opener. And, you don’t have to hand out keys to everyone once a deadbolt, for example, is re-keyed. So, if there is any suspicion that someone knows the codes or could gain access, the authorization protocols can be easily changed or deleted entirely and likely can be done remotely without a technician needing to come onsite.  
  • Technology integrations: Gates can easily become a “layer” in your perimeter or property security system. Gate automation systems will often work alongside video surveillance and other alarm systems for easy monitoring and recording. This allows for quick responses should a situation arise. If needed, you’ll also have visual, recorded evidence, should it ever be needed.  
  • Added barrier: Many properties and residential communities do not have any perimeter gates or secure entry points, which essentially invites people onto your front doorstep. The addition of an automated gate creates an added layer of protection and security before intruders even reach your property. And if someone goes beyond it without access, you’ll know, especially if you have video surveillance installed.  
  • Visitor screening: If your gate is connected to a telephone entry system, you’ll be able to screen guests arriving onto the property before they pass through the gate. Most common telephone entry systems are connected using a traditional phone line. HOAs and many single-family homeowners opt for a “keypad” or telephone entry system, which utilizes a phone line. Other systems combine a “callbox” with a card reader or include an embedded screen and camera for video for live streaming capabilities.

Finally, you’ll be wondering how to install a gate opener. It may be possible to add the system to an existing gate, or you may have to install an entirely new setup. Either way, APS is ready to help.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of An Automatic Gate System?

Increased security is the primary purpose of automated gate installations, but they can provide a range of additional benefits for homeowners, homeowner associations, and residential property developers. APS is a company that specializes in various forms of access controls. Some of the benefits include:

Increased privacy: Not only do automated gates prevent unauthorized access; they provide an additional sense of privacy and security to residents. This works for single-family homeowners and those living within residential communities.  

Easier management: For HOAs, an automatic gate system also makes it easier to monitor contractors and other visitors, as well as the comings and goings of residents.  

Stop nuisances: Nuisance callers, such as door-to-door solicitors, may be legal but are likely something you want to avoid.

Perhaps most tellingly, though, an automated gate system can add to the property’s value. The increase may not match the investment dollar for a single-family home but remains a good option when combined with the security benefits. For HOAs, studies show that automated gates can yield a $30,000 increase in value for each home within the residential community. This makes it a fantastic investment, particularly when a solution that uses the best available technology is installed.

What Are Gate Automation Systems Available?

Appreciating the benefits of gate automation systems is one thing, but finding the best solution for your property is another task altogether. Working with top-of-the-line brands like LiftMaster, APS installs a wide range of gate automation systems. The most popular style are listed below:

  • Slide gates: This type of gate can be installed using a track or trackless solution. The gate slides open, allowing traffic to enter or exit the grounds. This is great for wide gates as they do not open out into the road or towards the building, so long as the property has space for the gate to slide.  
  • Swing gates: Swing gates open much like a standard door but without the need for you to manually push or pull them. They are the most common solution, especially since they’re space savers. Many options will only swing open in one direction—towards or away from a vehicle, while others can perform both movement operations. Properties with dedicated entry and exit gates utilize two operators which swing in opposing directions allowing a car to exit and enter simultaneously.  
  • Overhead gates: Gates lifting up and over a vehicle, rather than outwards, are called “overhead gates.” This gate type is often installed in underground parking garages for high-rise residential communities.

All automatic gate systems can be used with gates made from wrought iron, aluminum, or steel. There are also heavy-duty and specialty solutions available. Although primarily used for commercial and industrial settings, APS can even provide barrier gate operations, such as parking lots or garages.


When looking at automatic gate vs. manual gate solutions, it is clear that automated versions are the best option available to homeowners, HOAs, and property developers. They provide a more advanced level of protection that prevents unauthorized access from cars or people and deters wannabe burglars. They deliver aesthetic and functional rewards while simultaneously boosting the property value, confirming their place as one of the best investments any homeowner or HOA could make. If you wish to discuss different automated gate styles or arrange a full consultation ahead of your automatic gate installation, call APS today! 

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