A Stress-Free Way to Find, Pay and Manage Parking


May 07, 2021


Reduce revenue leakage, reduce costs and increase revenue with new Inugo parking management system for parking facilities.

Managing a parking facility comes with its challenges. You need a simplified automated parking solution that is efficient, simple to implement and easy to use. The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller and the Inugo Cloud Platform system for parking providers does that, while reducing revenue leakage. Best of all, it saves you money and increases revenue.

A New Type of Parking Management System

Inugo is a universal and innovative platform that seamlessly integrates with any parking barrier, gate, or roll-up door. It is ticketless and cashless, with payments charged straight to the parker’s credit card. Plus, it also integrates with any existing PARCS equipment.

Parkers pay via a downloadable app, which offers a secure, cashless payment method directly through the app. Not only does Inugo make payment easier, it also takes the work out of the parking operator’s day because parking and payment is immediate and secure. No more employees in parking booths, and no more key fobs, tickets, or access codes.

All payments are immediately visible to management and controlled by your own private Operator Portal. This is an all-in-one platform gives a single view across multiple facilities, to track all your parking payments and reduce the risks of revenue leakage.

A Simplified Parking System for Every Location

While every parking location operates differently, this technology works for operators, universities, airports, hospitals, retail and more. For off-streetparking, Inugo seamlessly integrates with existing PARCS equipment or can be used to manage surface lots.

Even if you manage an ungated surface parking lot, Inugo has been designed with geo-fencing technology that can create a virtual gate. Anyone who enters the designated location will see be prompted to start their parking session directly from their inugo app. From there, they can proceed to pay for parking at the push of a button directly from their cell phone.

Inugo gives providers an all-in-one parking management solution through secure, cashless payment, and integration with existing parking equipment. If you manage multiple sites, the cloud based portal allows you to manage multiple sites from a single portal. Plus, it reduces revenue leakage platform.

Inugo is designed to suit the unique parking requirements of operators, universities, airports, hospitals and retail. APS sells, installs and services Inugo Intelligent Gate Controllers and the Inugo Cloud Platform across San Diego, Orange and LA counties.

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