Beyond Security: How Access Control Can Help Your Business Achieve Sustainability


May 06, 2023

Corporate social responsibility and making strides toward carbon neutrality remain top priorities for modern businesses in 2023. While access control systems have been an integral part of organizations of all types, advancements in security system technology have presented new sustainable solutions for businesses looking to safeguard their assets and achieve greener operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore how access control can minimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and help you achieve your organization’s sustainability goals.   

What Is Access Control Sustainability?  

Access control is a security measure that regulates who is allowed to enter, exit, or use certain areas within a building or property. Typically, access control is implemented to protect company assets, including employees, equipment, and sensitive data.  

Breakthroughs in security solutions, smart integrations, and energy-efficient technology have pushed access control system capabilities beyond traditional protection to help businesses save energy, reduce waste, and achieve climate-friendly pledges.   

Let’s dive into 4 ways access control can contribute to a greener future for both the planet and your wallet. 

Smart Building Systems  

Smart building systems leverage hardware and software technologies to optimize building performance. While this concept has been around for decades, developments in access control technology, 5G, and AI have made these sustainable solutions more accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes.  

Energy management and building automation systems incorporate heating and cooling, access control, lighting, alarms, and other sensors to work together to reduce energy consumption based on usage. An integrated network allows your building’s management system to automatically adjust lighting and HVAC according to use, leading to an immediate reduction in energy consumption and operational costs.   

Specific access control systems provide features that support energy efficiency while maintaining reliability and performance. Learn more about your options for access control integration by scheduling a consultation with APS! 

Wireless Access Control  

Wireless access control systems use electronic locks and readers to grant authorized users access to a building. These systems are easier to install and manage and are much more energy-efficient than traditional wired access control systems, saving energy at every stage of their lifecycle.   

Wireless systems enter a sleep mode to conserve energy and only activate when presented with a credential to grant entry. Studies by ASSA ABLOY have shown that wireless access control can result in energy cost savings of over 70% compared to wired systems.  

By using less energy, wireless access control contributes to enhanced sustainability, cost savings, and better performance. It also offers modern businesses the added benefits of flexibility and scalability, providing an easy and sustainable solution to security.  

Mobile Credentials  

To take wireless access control a step further, mobile credentials are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for businesses to save costs, reduce waste, and enhance user experience. 

Not only do they provide convenience to tenants, employees, and staff, but they eliminate the need to create new key cards and fobs each time you need to grant authorized access to your facility. And since they’re always online and connected, adding or revoking access is simple and can be done remotely.  

Building Power Management  

Access control systems and video surveillance technology provide a wealth of information when integrated with your building’s power management systems. 

These systems track data from sensors and video surveillance to provide real-time insights into how different areas of a building are being used. Integrated access control can also help business managers adjust services like lighting and HVAC to save energy and costs, which is especially beneficial for hybrid offices with varying schedules. By analyzing energy usage patterns, organizations can make data-driven decisions to reduce consumption and improve building performance. 

Final Thoughts: Access Control and Sustainability  

Access control not only keeps your organization secure, but it can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and adopt greener business operations. The security system industry is making strides toward providing businesses with sustainable solutions and ensuring a safer future for our planet and your business.  

Additionally, studies reveal that 78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important and 55% are more willing to pay more to support eco-friendly brands. Sustainable access control helps you remain competitive, save energy costs, and strengthen your security strategy. 

Future Proof Your Business with Access Professional Systems  

Access Professional Systems is committed to delivering customized solutions with superior service. We partner with leading security technology manufacturers to provide businesses, communities, and organizations with comprehensive access control solutions with sustainability, scalability, and security in mind.  

Whether you’re looking to integrate your access control system with your building’s infrastructure, install wireless access control, or enable mobile credentials, our APS is here to help. Get your free estimate now! 


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