Why Video Surveillance is Essential for Commercial Properties


November 05, 2022

Businesses have always been at risk of being targeted by criminal activity. A reliable security system is essential for modern businesses because it enables accountability through evidence and deters theft. If yours doesn’t have a video surveillance system installed, you risk the safety of your property and people. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the basics of video surveillance and why it’s necessary for commercial property owners. 

Video Surveillance Enables Accountability 

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, video surveillance can hold people accountable for their actions. Property managers can review footage from security cameras if a crime was reported to determine when and where it took place and who is responsible. Business owners can hold their employees accountable through evidence of tardiness or if corporate espionage has taken place. On the other hand, video surveillance can also prove innocence. 

Video Surveillance Deters Crime  

Most crimes are committed by people who think they won’t get caught. Whether stealing a car or breaking into an office building, the prospect of getting caught is often enough to stop crimes from happening 

A security camera can eliminate the risk of theft or vandalism because criminals will know their behavior is being recorded and monitored in real-time. Even if someone does break into your property, video footage can help identify them when they’re caught. 

Video Surveillance Can Be Linked To Existing Access Control Systems  

Integrating video surveillance with your existing access control systems provides a second layer of security. Suppose your commercial property is gated or requires a key fob to gain entry. In that case, a video monitoring system allows you to see which visitors or employees are entering or existing at all times. This is especially useful for monitoring sensitive areas like server and control rooms.  

Video Surveillance Systems Are Customizable 

Depending on the level of security you need, video surveillance systems can be customized to match your specific requirements. From a CCTV camera at your property’s entry and exit points to biometrics or anything in between. 

You can also opt for video surveillance software that stores data in the cloud or monitors access locally or remotely, eliminating the need for on-site guards and the cost of hiring them. 

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Storage 

Video surveillance systems allow for real-time monitoring locally or remotely and stores data on secure infrastructure, meaning you can access footage and data from anywhere at any time. Video surveillance systems allow you to keep an eye on who, where, and when visitors and employees are entering and exiting your property and what they’re doing. 

If someone is entering or leaving your property when they shouldn’t be – such as after hours – it will be flagged immediately by the system. The same goes for employee theft or any appropriate behavior. 

With this information, employers can ensure their business remains profitable while keeping their employees safe and accountable.  

Allows for Hybrid Work Environments 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses and employees worldwide to work remotely. As we head back into the office, companies shift to hybrid work environments. This means employees may need to access the office at odd hours of the day and night, depending on their schedules. With a video surveillance system, employers can see who is coming and going and why. When integrated with access control systems, your employees have the flexibility they need while feeling secure and protected from intruders. This enables a more productive work environment, positively impacting performance and safety. 

Final Thoughts 

Video surveillance is a critical part of any business’s security plan, and it’s an essential feature for businesses that rely on the safety of their employees and customers. Video surveillance systems can: 

  • Deter crime
  • Hold people accountable
  • Provide an extra layer of security to your access control system
  • Help the police investigate crime
  • Allow for flexible work environments
  • Improves employee productivity and performance

With this technology becoming more affordable, there has never been a better time to invest in your company’s future by installing video surveillance systems at your home, office, warehouse, or parking facility. 

Why Access Professional Systems? 

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