Commercial Door vs Roll-Up Door: Key Differences Explained


January 03, 2024

Navigating the world of commercial doors can be challenging, with many options, each serving different needs. This blog explains the differences between standard commercial doors and the specialized high performance doors and commercial roll-up doors offered by Access Professional Systems, a leader in professional door control management.

Understanding these differences is critical for business owners and property managers when deciding to secure and enhance their commercial spaces. Let’s uncover the ideal door solutions for you that can transform the functionality and security of your industrial building access points.

The Difference Between Commercial vs. Industrial Doors

A common point of confusion for many businesses is understanding which type of commercial door best suits their needs. Often, when people think of commercial doors, the image that comes to mind is the standard doors seen in storefronts or typical commercial buildings. These doors are designed to fit average-sized doorways and are widely used for customer entry and exit in many retail and office environments.

Standard Commercial Door

Standard-Commercial-Door [Source: CDF]

However, at APS, we specialize in a different category of commercial doors, sometimes called overhead doors or overhead gate entrances. Our focus is on providing high performance doors and commercial roll-up doors for various use cases, such as warehouses, indoor/outdoor retail spaces, industrial facilities, and more. These doors are designed for larger, more demanding environments requiring advanced features like enhanced security, superior durability, and improved operational efficiency.

High Performance Doors


Commercial Roll Up Doors


Whether it’s a commercial door for a warehouse needing robust security or a solution for high-traffic areas where speed, aesthetics, and reliability are crucial, APS has the expertise and products to meet these specialized needs, including gate automation, PARCS systems, and video surveillance.

APS’s High-Performance Doors & Commercial Roll Up Doors

At APS, our high-performance and commercial roll-up doors are engineered to cater to distinct needs within retail environments. In collaboration with industry leading manufacturers, like LiftMaster and Rytec, our high-performance doors set the benchmark for swift and aesthetically pleasing door solutions.

Ideal for scenarios where speed is critical, they open at an impressive 60 to 100 inches per second, significantly faster than conventional doors, while enhancing the overall look of the structure. These doors are especially suited for businesses that value efficiency and style, like high-end retail buildings or warehouses, and can be integrated with parking guidance systems for enhanced functionality.

Delving deeper into our commercial roll-up doors, we offer an array of options, each designed for specific applications:

  • Coiling Gates: Offer complete visibility and are ideal for vehicle entrances and parking garages.coiling-gates
  • Coiling Steel Doors: Known for their solid slat construction, these doors suit environments requiring robust security.Coiling-Steel-Doors
  • Sectional Doors: Versatile and ideal for service and warehouse applications.sectional-doors
  • Sectional Glass Doors: Perfect for blending indoor and outdoor spaces elegantly, these doors are well-suited for office buildings, gyms, and retail spaces.Sectional-Glass-Doors

Each type of roll-up door is built to withstand heavy usage and varying operational demands, ensuring durability and security. Their adaptability makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of businesses, from industrial warehouses to chic retail stores, providing security and complementing the business’s operational flow and aesthetic.

Key Differences Between Commercial Doors and APS’s Doors

Understanding the differences between standard commercial doors and the specialized doors offered by APS is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions. Here are some key distinctions:


FeaturesStandard Commercial DoorsAccess Professional System Commercial Doors
UsageUsed mainly for customer entry/exit in retail & office spaces.Used mainly for spaces requiring enhanced security and operational efficiency.
Types·         Commercial Wooden Doors

·         Fire-rated Steel Doors

·         Commercial Hardware Doors

·         Hollow Metal Doors

·         Coiling Gates

·         Coiling Steel Doors

·         Sectional Doors

·         Sectional Glass Doors

Typical LocationsRetail spaces and office spacesLarger, more demanding environments like warehouses, retail buildings, office buildings, high-traffic areas, and parking garages.
CostGenerally more budget-friendly, meeting standard security and functionality needs.Higher initial investment, long-term value in durability and efficiency.
SpeedStandard, manual opening and closing speed with door closers.Fast opening/closing, can be automated, beneficial in high-traffic or rapid-access areas.
SecurityBasic security features suitable for general commercial use.Advanced security features for higher security requirements.
AestheticsFunctional design fits a wide range of commercial settings.Customizable to enhance aesthetics and operational flow.
DurabilityDesigned for average daily use and traffic.Engineered for heavy usage and demanding environments.
CustomizationStandard door sizes and features, some customization options available.Highly customizable for specific operational and aesthetic needs.


While standard doors cater to general commercial environments with heavy pedestrian traffic, commercial roll up doors provided by APS are tailored for more demanding and specialized spaces. Each type of door has unique advantages, and the right choice depends on your specific requirements regarding location, functionality, and design.

Why Choose Access Professional Systems for Your Commercial Roll-Up Door Needs

Regarding enhancing and securing your business premises, APS offers unparalleled expertise in commercial roll-up doors. Our commitment to quality and customization is evident in every solution we provide. With over 45 years of experience, we understand that each business has unique needs, including specialized logistics gate security solutions for companies with complex supply chain and distribution demands.

We offer tailored high performance and commercial roll-up doors to meet specific operational and aesthetic requirements. From high-traffic areas requiring rapid opening doors to secure spaces needing robust protection, our range is engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring a lasting investment for your business.

Our expertise extends to comprehensive gate automation solutions, including advanced swing gates for secure and efficient entry points.

Choosing Access Professional Systems means prioritizing your business’s security and efficiency. Our team is dedicated to working closely with each client, ensuring that our doors meet and exceed functionality, security, and design expectations. We also offer residential gates with automatic home gate options for HOA communities.

Contact us today for a free personalized consultation, where we can discuss your specific needs and how our custom solutions can enhance your commercial space!



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