Investing in Security: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Commercial Property Owners


October 05, 2023

As a commercial property owner, you understand that safety is a top priority. Yet, it’s common to hesitate when investing in effective security measures. This blog will review valuable insights to help you conduct a cost-benefit analysis for investing in robust security systems solutions.  

With the right approach, you can make an informed decision that ensures the safety of your assets while optimizing operational costs. 

The Cost of Inaction in Modern Security Systems 

Neglecting to invest in proper security systems can be costly. In fact, the average commercial crime loss is $1.02 million. However, it’s important to note that losses can be far greater; the highest recorded loss from a single commercial crime incident reached an astonishing $55 million 

On top of that, inadequate property security surveillance could spike your insurance premiums and create an unsettling environment for your employees and tenants. Simply put, the long-term costs of skimping on modern security systems far outweigh the initial investment in robust safety measures.  

Choosing the Right Security System Companies for Your Needs 

When deciding a modern security system from a security system company, you’re likely considering several important factors. You’ll want a system that’s not just effective but also budget-friendly. The ideal security system setup should be straightforward for you and your staff to operate yet tricky for unauthorized individuals to breach.  

As your business expands, scalability is vital to avoid a complete system overhaul. Ensuring legal compliance is essential and using additional features like remote monitoring from your phone and quick emergency responses for peace of mind.  

With Access Professional Systems (APS), all these considerations are addressed. Our solutions are tailored for your business, ensure legal compliance, and offer advanced options like remote monitoring, ensuring you make a wise and practical investment in your property’s security. 

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Security System Solutions 

Determining your property’s most efficient security system solutions is assessing real-world risks and benefits. We recommend a step-by-step approach to evaluate your options: 

Identifying Potential Risks in Property Security Surveillance 

Before evaluating security measures, you must understand your property’s specific challenges. Typical risks include: 

  • Unauthorized entry 
  • Vandalism 
  • Cyber threats 
  • Internal thefts 

Did you know unprotected properties are targets? According to recent reports, burglars are 4.57 times more likely to target non-alarmed commercial properties than alarmed commercial properties.  

So what’s the solution? Modern security systems offer various features like real-time security cameras, advanced access control systems, and instant alert systems. In fact, studies show that the installation of surveillance cameras can lead to a decrease in crime by at least 50%. Using property security surveillance, including security systems in schools, go beyond just guarding your property. It can act as a comprehensive safety net that can mitigate multiple risks. 

Estimating the Cost of Various Risks in Security Systems 

Each identified risk carries its own potential cost, which should be considered. Be sure to factor in: 

  1. Direct Financial Loss

The most straightforward costs to calculate are those directly linked to an incident: 

  • Theft: What is the value of items or assets that could be stolen? 
  • Property Damage: How much would repairs or replacements cost in vandalism or burglary? 
  1. Legal Repercussions

A security breach could lead to legal action, and it’s essential to account for these potential expenses: 

  • Court Costs: How much would it cost to defend against a lawsuit? 
  • Fines and Penalties: Are there regulatory fines for failing to secure data or property? 
  • Settlements: If you lose a case, how much could you potentially have to pay out? 
  1. Loss of Reputation

It’s more challenging to put a dollar value on reputation, but it’s equally important: 

  • Client Trust: How many clients might you lose? What would be the lifetime value of that lost business? 
  • Brand Damage: What could be the cost of a PR campaign to mitigate reputation damage? 
  • Reduced Business Valuation: How might this affect potential mergers, acquisitions, or even the daily stock price, if applicable? 

While it’s relatively easier to calculate direct financial loss or legal costs, the loss of reputation is a hidden cost that can affect you in the long term. It might not appear in immediate financial statements, but it can cripple your growth and reduce customer trust over time. 

Identify Your Security System Solutions 

After identifying potential risks and associated costs, the next step is to explore security system solutions designed to mitigate them. Different properties and risk profiles may call for other security measures, from traditional to top-notch solutions. Here are some options to consider:  

  • Security Cameras: Surveillance cameras are both a deterrent to would-be intruders and crucial for post-incident investigation. 
  • Advanced Access Control Systems: These systems control who can enter your property and when. They range from simple key card or fob systems to biometric identification. 
  • HOA Security Systems: Specifically designed for residential communities, these systems often combine video surveillance, automatic gates, and access control solutions to provide comprehensive coverage. 

Specialized Expertise Tailored Solutions & Services 

Access Professional Systems takes a personalized approach to your property security surveillance needs. Here’s how we can help: 

  • Custom Solutions: We work with leading technology manufacturers to offer you a tailored set of security measures, from gate automation to cutting-edge video systems. 
  • Identify Vulnerabilities: Our experienced team will assess your property to identify vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust security setup. 
  • End-to-End Security: From the initial sale and design to ongoing maintenance and 24/7 emergency support, APS takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your property remains secure. 

By incorporating a wide range of customizable options and specialized expertise, APS ensures that you’re not just buying a security system but investing in a full-fledged security strategy tailored to your unique needs.  

The Final Comparison: Investing in a Security System 

After you’ve tried to identify potential risks and understand the security system solution available, the final step involves making a calculated comparison. This is where you weigh the estimated financial losses against the total cost of implementing each security system solution. The goal is to identify which options offer you the most value for your investment. 

However, investing in security systems for schools or for commercial properties is a long-term investment in your commercial property’s safety, reputation, and overall well-being. By conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis and leveraging modern, customized security system solutions from APS, you are making a wise investment for everyone involved. 

APS: Your Partner in Custom Security System Solutions 

At Access Professional Systems, we’re committed to your safety and offer tailored, end-to-end security system solutions to meet the unique needs of each commercial property. Our high-quality services range from gate automation and access control systems to security cameras and parking control solutions.  

By working closely with you, we can pinpoint your property’s vulnerabilities, offer ongoing maintenance, and provide 24/7 emergency services. As your long-term partner in security, we’re here to help you make the most informed decisions to protect your investment. 

Ready to take the next step for property security surveillance? Contact APS for a personalized consultation to address your security needs and concerns. Our team of experts is on standby, ready to guide you through making the most informed decisions about your property’s security. 

We look forward to hearing from you!