Video surveillance: 5 main trends in 2024


December 02, 2023

New year, new surveillance trends in 2024, especially for the imminent growth of the video surveillance technology segment, whether residential or commercial.  

From the ever-increasing need for cybersecurity and the evolution of video analytics to the creation of the “safe city” system and the deeper integration of robotics and AI, video surveillance trends are certainly trending towards faster, smarter, and sharper means of keeping us safe. Let’s dive in and explore the latest video surveillance trends in 2024.  

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State of Video Surveillance: 2024 Market Trends 

In 2024, the video surveillance market is set to experience rapid expansion. Key drivers include, heightened security needs and technological advancements. The market, worth about USD 53.7 billion in 2023, is expected to increase to around USD 83.3 billion by 2028 

Reasons for this growth include more smart city projects, a higher demand for business intelligence, and a greater need for security in both public and private areas. The market is growing in value and quality of surveillance technology, which is becoming more advanced in analyzing and managing data.  

As we navigate through 2024 and beyond, these trends underline the market’s dynamic nature and critical role in shaping our approach to security and surveillance. 

5 Video Surveillance Trends to Watch in 2024 

While the video surveillance and smart security industry are at the forefront of innovation, this blog will take a look at these five main trends you should look out for in 2024. 

  1. Cybersecurity reinforcement 
  2. Edge computing 
  3. SafeCity systems 
  4. AI in Security Cameras 
  5. Revolution in Video Analytics 

1. Cybersecurity Reinforcement 

Cybersecurity terms are everywhere these days—’crypto’ this, ‘cyber’ that. While they may sound trendy, their importance, especially in the context of cybersecurity, cannot be overstated. The safety afforded by video surveillance technology starts with ensuring access control to those systems, and software developers continue to take more significant notice of areas for improvement.  

Cybersecurity is fast becoming even more scalable, applicable, and intelligent with tightening levels of encryption for networks.   

Looking ahead, cybersecurity in video surveillance for 2024 is expected to integrate behavioral biometrics. This technology uses unique patterns in human activity as an added layer of security, offering a more dynamic and potentially more secure approach to system access.  

Another significant advancement is the ability for admins to access that information from anywhere in the world. The year 2024 will likely introduce more significant confidentiality safeguards and the use of decentralized networks, where private and trusted access keys are paramount.  

2. dge Computing in Video Surveillance Technology  

A significant trend to watch in 2024 is the role of edge computing in video surveillance. Edge computing is poised to become a pivotal technology in video surveillance by 2024, bringing data processing directly to the source – the security cameras.  

This leap forward is more than just a technical update; it’s a strategic overhaul that enables instant analysis and decision-making. In a world where data generation is enormous, edge computing’s ability to process information on-site means that only essential data is transmitted over the network, reducing latency and conserving bandwidth.  

What does edge computing have to do with video surveillance?  

The shift from traditional data centers to edge speeds up response times for potential security incidents and enhances the capability for real-time analytics, a critical component in proactive surveillance. By leveraging local processing, surveillance systems can rapidly interpret video feeds, identify threats, and alert operators to unusual activities without delay.  

Furthermore, integrating AI and machine learning algorithms at the edge transforms cameras from passive recording devices into active security assets. They can now detect, learn, and react to their environment with minimal human oversight.  

As the technology matures, edge computing is expected to revolutionize how we approach video surveillance, emphasizing intelligent, efficient, and privacy-preserving practices in an increasingly data-driven world.   

3. SafeCity Systems 

The idea of developing a “smart city” is spreading globally, which will no doubt necessitate advanced video surveillance systems to support the punctual management and prevention of crime. These initiatives are where surveillance trends in 2024 truly shine, integrating gate automation systems and secure slide door systems to fortify the ‘safe city’ vision.  

In these cities, the role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) extends to optimizing urban services like energy, utilities, transportation, and safety, with the integration of parking automation systems playing a pivotal role in streamlining city traffic and parking, thus contributing to the overall protection and efficiency of the urban environment.  

Video is an excellent method of capturing that information to enhance capabilities as these video surveillance cameras are installed around parks, commercial entrances, and even parking structures.   

Facial and license plate recognition systems are also at the top of the list for planned development. These will be configured into a single control system for an entire city, and we at Access Professional Systems (APS) can’t wait to see the advancement of this trend.   

4. AI in Security Cameras  

The arrival of artificial intelligence in the realm of video surveillance technology is revolutionizing the way we think about security. Security cameras equipped with AI allow them to recognize activities as they happen, identify objects, and even anticipate events.  

These smart cameras can understand the difference between everyday happenings and potential threats, enabling them to send real-time alerts and drastically reduce false alarms. 

AI video surveillance market trends 

The AI security market is soaring, with projections showing an increase from 21.19 billion dollars in 2023 to an estimated 50.61 billion dollars by 2028. The fusion of AI with video surveillance technology marks a game-changer for security measures, especially when paired with security systems, HOAs, gate automation systems, parking access, and revenue control systems.  

On top of that, AI-driven surveillance cameras can allow law enforcement and security teams to be armed with the ability to sift through footage rapidly, which in turn sharpens their response times and elevates their situational awareness.  

The influence of AI in video surveillance is equally significant in the commercial sector, especially in retail environments where understanding customer behavior is crucial. Businesses that have harnessed AI for customer interaction analysis have reported a sales increase of over 25%. These insights from video surveillance technology are invaluable for companies looking to optimize customer engagement and drive business growth.  

We at Access Professionals have embraced innovations, like AI in security systems, to offer our clients the latest in security system technology and integration to meet shifting needs and trends. Considering AI for your visitor management system or security infrastructure? Get in touch with us today! 

5. Revolution in Video Analytics  

Video analytics have evolved from essential motion detection to sophisticated programs capable of various functions. These include tracking the flow of people within a space to identify high-traffic areas, generating heat maps that illustrate this data visually, and even predicting potential security breaches before they occur.  

For businesses, these analytics in commercial security systems can provide insights into customer behavior and operational efficiency. In contrast, for security purposes, they can highlight real-time vulnerabilities and help deploy resources more effectively.  

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