LiftMaster UL 325 Updates


May 07, 2021

Look into your crystal ball! Go ahead….I’ll wait…

Do you happen to see the NFL banning helmets in 2020? The Transportation board outlawing seatbelts by 2025? Or any other safety measure being rescinded? I didn’t think so. That’s because safety rules tend to trend in one direction! Because the accident rate is not yet at zero with gate systems, we have updated safety regulations passed down from the UL labs via UL-325 guidelines that went into effect on August 1st. These guidelines apply to all SLIDE GATE SYSTEMS! However, there are scenarios where new SWING GATES CAN BE EFFECTED.

Let’s dive in to what this means:

This summer we received this statement from Liftmaster, the industry leader in gate automated equipment.

Official Statement

From August 1, 2018, updates to UL 325 will require a minimum of two (2) means of entrapment zone protection in both the open and close direction for Slide Gate Operators to function. LiftMaster will now include a five-foot edge along with an updated photo cell with all Slide Gate Operators in order to be compliant with these new UL 325 requirements.


New Guidelines

Most of the gate systems already have (or should to meet safety guidelines) a photo cell that covers the gate opening for any obstruction across that plane.  Now the guideline goes further by addressing anything the slide gate opens into.  This will ensure that all directions have protection for the first time.  There will be added hardware in all of the gate kits moving forward.  Buyers can expect a price increase for these items on slide gate projects going forward.  Now let’s talk about how the new guidelines will effect swing gates.

Swing gates will be effected by the language of the UL-325 guideline because it requires a photo eye of the moving portion of the gate comes within 18” of a stationary object (i.e. walls, access points, columns, etc).  If you apply this rule as it is written to your gate scenario you may find that there are multiple areas that will need some sort of sensing protection.  Swing Gate kits aren’t sold with additional photo eyes because of the variability in the gate design so they will need to be added to the system as necessary.

It can often be an overwhelming situation for property managers or building engineers that have enough on their plate as it is.  For this reason, APS designs every new gate system to meet current UL-325 codes as well as performing UL-325 upgrade proposals to our existing clients who want to stay current with the safety requirements that are passed down.  The safety rules aren’t going anywhere and without being in compliance your association is taking a larger risk in the event that someone or something is hit by a gate that could circumvent this possibility with a fairly economical safety device.

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