How Do Parking Access Control Systems Add to Your Companies?


October 12, 2022


Parking access control systems are a great addition to any company because they provide several benefits that can ensure the safety of employees or generate income. So how do parking access control systems add to your companies?

Parking Access Control Systems (PARCS) add security to your workforce and can provide revenue. In addition, they allow you to record every parking instance and will let you know how much parking is available in real time.

Knowing the ins and outs of parking access control systems can strain someone trying to manage a business while accommodating all the driving needs of the employees. Don’t let the minor headaches of business ownership overwhelm you. Read on and learn all you need to know about parking access control systems and how they add to your company.

Benefits of Parking Access Control Systems for Your Company

Parking might not be something you thought about when starting your business. But now that it has grown into a thriving enterprise, parking is just one of the many flaming hoops that must be juggled. Parking access control systems will ease these stresses and protect your workers and business.

Security is the Biggest Addition of Parking Access Control Systems

You can’t get better when protecting your workers and their vehicles than having a parking system. They allow you to add many options that will keep people out of your lot and away from your place of business. In addition, the security provided by parking access control systems offers many benefits for your company.

A few security benefits that parking access control systems will give you are:

  • Video – You can upgrade your system to record every gate opening and closing instance. This video will give a fantastic idea about who enters and exits the property at all times of the day.
  • Gate – When there’s a gate in a parking area, it is more complex for cars to park without paying or having access. It also keeps car thieves from taking cars, looting parts, and leaving the lot without anyone noticing; if the gate is automated, you can expect much less intrusion from wanderers.

Protecting your workers and their vehicles from intuitions and attacks gives them less to worry about while on the clock, making them more productive.

Increase Revenue With Parking Access Control Systems

Another thing that benefits your company is the ability to use the parking lot as a way to make money. For example, if your business is in a high-traffic area, renting out the parking spaces at night is possible with a parking access control system.

A few ways that parking access control systems can be used to help generate revenue for your company are:

  • Renting – One of the easiest things to do is make your lot rentable. A gate and card access allow your workers to park for free while making the average Joe pay parking costs.
  • Costs – Another way to increase the amount of revenue that a parking access control system can generate is fluctuating costs. By changing the prices for certain times of day, you increase the amount you can make for each space.

Parking revenue generated by a parking access control system is valuable to companies in commercial areas and bustling cities. These additional revenue dollars can be spent to upgrade and maintain the system and make a safer parking space for your workers and paying customers.

Automation is a Huge Benefit of Parking Access Control Systems

Another thing that parking access control systems add to your company is the ability to be fully automated. Automation means you don’t have to pay an attendant to work the booth every hour of the day. Freeing up extra money for additional workers inside or upgrades to the system.

A few ways that a parking access control system can be automated are as follows:

  • Automatic Gates – The most common way companies automate their parking access control system is with gate access control. Gates can be controlled by keycard or fob allowing permissible access without the need for an on-site guard.
  • Key Card Entry – Key cards are another way a parking system can be automated. If there is an automatic slide gate, the driver needs to swipe their key card by the terminal, and the gate will slide open, allowing quick and efficient access.
  • Video Surveillance – One of the most significant benefits of automation is the level of security that can be obtained. With key fobs and camera positions, you can ensure that your patrons are protected and their vehicles leave your lot unscathed.
  • Additional Workers – The need for other personnel to attend the gate at all times is unnecessary with automation. For decades companies hired men and women to sit in booths all night watching empty parking lots with parking access control systems that overhead erased from the budget.

Automation is an addition to your company that you might have expected. It allows you to add money to your budget by eliminating the need for extra workers that could strain your budget. Parking access control systems are one of the most vital and visible positive traits of running a successful business.

How Access Professional Systems Can Help

Access Professional Systems works to ensure you have all the angles covered, and by contacting them, you open the door to safety and efficiency.

A few services that Access Professional Systems provides are:

  • 24/7 Support – If you have an automatic gate or security system with APS, they have a technician on call 24 hours a day to help you with your issue. These trained technicians know everything about the systems, from installation to maintenance, and will solve any issues you have.
  • Project Installation – Access Professionals install every project they design. If you have a parking area that needs several gates and different access ports, they can accommodate whatever you need to make the areas safe and secure.
  • Sales & Design – One of the best things that Access Professional Systems does is make and sell parking safety solutions that go beyond protection and can make money for your business in the right situations.

Access Professional Systems is one of those companies that you want to be associated with when you know who they are. Their devotion to protecting people around the country with durable gates and barriers combined with high-tech video solutions is to be admired and respected.


Parking access control systems are a great way to provide security and safety to your workers and parking patrons. Control systems allow you to lock down your lot with cameras and gates while allowing your workers to move in and out like a breeze with fast passes and key fobs.

One of the most essential things that parking access control systems do is their ability to be fully automated. A fully automatic system allows 24/7 parking access that can be monitored with video cameras in real-time, storing data in secure cloud servers. Parking access control systems add to your company by allowing the workers to be safe and the parking lot profitable.


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