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Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) are real-time, self-service parking systems for transient and credentialed customers. PARCS automates the entry, exit, and payment of all customers accessing a parking facility.

APS is the exclusive distributor of TIBA Parking and Revenue Control equipment for Southern California and Arizona. We are dedicated to providing a turnkey experience through system design, layout, civil infrastructure requirements, installation, and most importantly, long-term, reliable customer service, and support.


TIBA provides the most competitive and reliable solution on the market.

The APS + TIBA Differnce:
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Local, Trusted Service and Support
  • Best Quality and Reliability in the Industry
  • Unmatched Market Experience with Hotels, Off-Street Parking, Airports, Universities, Municipalities, and Retail Centers
  • Fastest Transaction Processing times
  • Open Architecture and Proven interface
  • Advanced Modern Software Tools
  • 28 Years of Barcode Technology Experience
  • Modular Design Plug and Play Design
  • Three-Tier Redundant System Architecture
  • Ease of Integration to Third-Party Systems

Entry Ticket Machines

Entry ticket machines are in-lane automated kiosks installed at each entry lane of a parking facility. The automated kiosk can be used to dispense a ticket or token indicating the time of entry or allow frequent visitors to scan to enter.

Exit Verification Machines

Exit verification machines are automated kiosks located in each exit lane of a parking facility. At the exit kiosk, drivers can pay for parking, scan a credential card or insert a dispensed ticket verifying successful payment. The kiosk automatically verifies payment or driver credentials and raises a barrier gate to allow exit.

Pay On Foot Stations

Pay on foot stations allows parkers to pay for parking before exiting the structure or lot. These kiosks expedite the payment process helping ease the flow of traffic out of your structure or lot.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR systems automatically identify the license plate of any vehicle. LPR is used for parking management, inventory and revenue control, security monitoring, and automated access control. LPR can be deployed as standalone security solutions or integrated with our PARCS, PGS, and Gate Automation solutions.

Parking Technology Partners

APS partners with leading technology manufacturers to provide our clients with proven gate, access, video and parking solutons.

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APS is proud to have delivered solutions for over 14,500 customers since our
inception. We have provided services and solutions for some of the largest and most
well-known communities and organizations in the Southwest.

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