Touchless and Monitoring Technologies for Your Facility In The Covid Era


May 06, 2021

Touchless Door Operators

A swing door operator is beneficial for any multi-unit dwelling, commercial, retail, or industrial environment. Bestowing any manual door with the complete, effortless convenience of an automatic door.

Automatic door openings allow for a convenient touchless experience, whether you need a door operator for ADA compliance, to improve traffic flow, or simply to eliminate another touch point at your property. Access Professionals Systems can provide door operator systems that are customized to suit your specific requirements.


Touchless Door Operator

Waiver Sensors

Remove touch points with waiver sensors. Waive sensors can be installed on access doors and integrated with automatic door openers to enable the automatic opening of doors without the need to touch a button.

Wave to Open Sensors

Manual Door Openers Without Using Your Hands

When automatic door openers may be out of the budget for doors, alternative openers such as Door or forearm opens can be installed. Application can be used for restroom doors, entry/exit doors and internal common area doors.

Open door without hands Open door with foot

People Counting Surveillance

Many facilities and properties are required to limit their occupancy of public spaces. Monitoring the usage of common spaces can be a management challenge with on-site presence. Our customers rely on technology offerings to enable remote management of people occupancy counting with cameras. By using surveillance cameras and a people counting module, management can set occupancy thresholds and when a space nears or exceeds occupancy alerts can be triggered and sent to management personnel for intervention.

People Counting Surveillance

Traditionally, spaces were monitored with access control. Having card access into a location is good,

but it is not enough since guests can be let in by an authorized user. This is where camera technology provides a secondary monitoring layer.

Our clients are seeing opportunities for monitoring communal spaces such as pools, gyms and park locations.