Top Access Control Technology Trends of 2023


February 06, 2023

As the technology landscape races forward, the field of access control is undergoing rapid transformation. Today’s top organizations realize the critical importance of modernizing their core infrastructure, seeking solutions to streamline tasks, automate processes, and boost efficiency. But with so many new and innovative solutions emerging daily, staying on top of the most critical developments can be challenging. This blog post will explore the cutting-edge technologies poised to change the game this year and beyond.
When designing your property’s access control infrastructure, think about your priorities and the technological sophistication you need. Considering these access control industry trends can help ensure your security system remains effective for years to come. For a more customized solution or expert advice, contact Access Professionals today!

2023 Access Control Industry Trends

The key drivers for modern access control are organizations needing a holistic approach to unifying their systems and using new technologies to automate, enhance, and streamline day-to-day operations.
Work that was previously set aside on core systems during the pandemic is now a priority as businesses across the globe look to digital transformation. According to Genetec’s State of Physical Security report, the two core systems companies plan to invest in this year are access control and video surveillance.

Cloud Access Control

Cloud systems were among the top security technologies to watch in 2022, and they’re predicted to gain even more momentum this year.
As cloud-based solutions become more affordable, scalable, and user-friendly, organizations look to enhance their legacy systems with cloud technology. By replacing expensive, on-site servers, the cloud hosts data across several systems with the ability to manage and access them remotely. Data backups and software updates are automated, ensuring core systems are maintained 24/7.


Despite the benefits of cloud systems, many organizations face concerns about rationalizing costs and the approach to cloud migration. As a way to conserve existing security infrastructures, businesses envision a blend of on-premise and cloud solutions for their physical security deployments.
A hybrid approach helps companies optimize their investments while leveraging cloud options to save cost, improve security and efficiency, and enable remote access to systems and data. Additionally, by supporting edge-computing workloads and making existing devices compatible, systems and data become centralized and easier to manage across multiple sites.

Video Access Control

The security-enhancing nature of video surveillance has paved the way for one of the top access control trends in 2023: video access control. Organizations can utilize the rich data video surveillance offers to enhance and optimize new and existing solutions to maximize capabilities. Many organizations already have video surveillance solutions installed, so integrating access control solutions is a cost-effective way to modernize current systems.

Security Convergence

Security convergence is an IT concept of merging physical security with cyber security. As access control solutions become more interconnected, business leaders look to streamline the workflows of both fields, especially in remote or hybrid work settings. By integrating these technologies, organizations can approach security as a whole rather than as separate parts. This unification significantly reduces hazards and discrepancies when managing multiple systems. Businesses can also reduce resources when teams can access and manage these systems in one place.

Integrated Technologies

Access control companies, like APS, create products that integrate seamlessly with other devices and legacy systems. The integration of these devices enables them to communicate and share data, enabling centralized management.
Organizations can create efficiencies that streamline daily operations by opting for access control solutions that unite other property technologies. For example, merging access control systems with smart locks enables property owners and tenants to manage both devices from one platform, saving time and offering convenience.

The Future of Access Control Technology

While digital transformation is on the horizon, businesses can still maintain their existing infrastructure and invest in new tech. As more organizations re-evaluate their technology requirements in 2023, they’re looking to blend digital innovations with legacy systems to create a unified network.
If your organization isn’t using access control systems to optimize your workplace, it’s time to consider upgrading. By modernizing your access control solution, you can proactively create a safer, more efficient, and more productive environment. Ready to get started?

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