How to Choose the Best Security System Company in Arizona


June 05, 2023

In a world where security risks are escalating, organizations are ramping up their efforts to safeguard their properties, people, and assets. While investing in advanced security solutions is essential, selecting the right product isn’t the end of the story. Choosing a security system company that goes beyond sales and serves as your trusted partner is equally crucial.   

Doing so is the key to ensuring you get the most out of your investment, enabling you to focus on other areas of your organization and achieve long-term peace of mind.  

So, how can you find a security system company that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations? Let’s explore the key factors you should consider when choosing the best security system company in Arizona and dive into the journey toward a safer tomorrow!  

Understanding the Urgency of a Reliable Security System  

A recent report from the Department of Justice indicated that Arizona is one of the three states that have surpassed the national average of violent crime rates in 2023.   

Disturbingly, between 28% to 44% of property crimes were reported to the police, suggesting that a significant proportion of these crimes may go unreported. 

Additionally, data from Neighborhood Scout states that only 4% of US cities are less safe than Phoenix, with about 43 people per 1,000 being impacted by violent or property-related crimes.  

These alarming statistics highlight the critical need for reliable security systems that cater to Arizona’s risks and the specific needs of the organizations within it. Whether safeguarding your commercial properties, residential complexes, or HOAs, a robust security solution is not just about keeping the bad guys out—it’s about providing the peace of mind that your properties, residents, and assets are secure.  

Identifying Your Security Needs  

Each type of property is unique. Commercial businesses often face threats like theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. In contrast, HOAs and residential complexes may deal with trespassing, burglaries, and parking disputes. Understanding these challenges and potential vulnerabilities is the first step to creating a holistic security strategy that works for you.  

Which Security System Solution is Right for You?  

Next comes identifying the right solutions. Commercial properties and warehouse facilities can benefit from commercial doors with state-of-the-art access control systems and video surveillance, ensuring a secure working environment for employees.   

On the other hand, residential complexes and HOA security systems can leverage gate automation to regulate who enters and leaves, along with access control and video surveillance to keep a watchful eye on communal areas.  

A reputable security system company will come to your property for an assessment. They’ll offer expert advice, help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your space, and provide customized solutions to mitigate them.   

Key Features to Look for in a Security System Company  

So, what makes for the best security system company in Arizona? Here are the top factors to consider: 


For starters, industry experience and expertise cannot be overemphasized. A company that understands the unique security challenges faced locally in Arizona will be best equipped to provide effective solutions. The company should have a proven track record of satisfying a wide range of clients and can offer unmatched expertise, solutions, services, and support.  

A True Partner 

Your security system provider shouldn’t just be a vendor. They should be able to provide ongoing support from design and installation to routine maintenance and repairs. They should tailor their solutions to your specific requirements without compromising the quality of service. Anything less isn’t worth your time. 

Variety of Security System Solutions 

Your security needs are unique, and so should your solutions. Whether it’s a network of access control and video surveillance integrations, parking guidance systems, or gate automation solutions for convenience and safety, your provider should offer a broad range of options that can be customized to meet your goals. 


While a security system is a long-term investment, the costs should be manageable. Your provider should be upfront about the total price, including fees, installation, and maintenance services. When looking for a business partner, transparency is always a priority, and the case is the same for security system companies.  


The security technology industry is rapidly evolving, with innovative features becoming more accessible daily. Whether facial recognition is a credential for entry, biometric access control, AI-based solutions, and more, the company should stay on the cutting edge of security tech to deliver the best results for you.  


Security needs are constantly changing, specifically in today’s digital age. Your investment should meet your requirements now and be able to adapt to future needs as your business grows.   

Ensure the provider can commit to regular software updates and make it easy to connect existing devices with new ones, expanding your security strategy as needed.  

Ongoing Support & Service 

An excellent security system company offers ongoing support, regular maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services. They will ensure that your systems and features are always in top shape and that you have someone to turn to if things go wrong.  

Making the Right Choice with Access Professionals 

At Access Professional Systems, we understand that choosing a security system is more than just selecting a product. It’s about bringing in a partner who puts your needs first and provides a security plan tailored to them

We know a one-size-fits-all approach to safety doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’ve delivered over 14,500 customized solutions catering to our customers’ needs, ensuring total protection and minimizing risks.

Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive support sets us apart as the best security system company in Arizona. Ready to get the APS advantage? 

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