Parking Automation Systems

Not all parking facilities and parking operations are the same. For example, an urban parking structure will have different goals than an employee and visitor parking lot for the government. Therefore, parking and entry/exit systems must be modular and scalable by design. Over the many years of delivering parking and entry/ exit automation systems for a wide variety of customers, APS has built strategic partnerships with manufacturers to provide modular solutions to accommodate any facility or operation. These can be added as complementary systems to PARCS and PGS or integrated as their own access control solution.


Barrier Gates

Barrier gates can be added to any parking or gate application to control authorized traffic flow. APS partners with many barrier gate manufacturers from Magnetic Automation, NICE-Apollo, and Door King.

Signage, & Displays

Our customers can customize their facility and parking experience by integrating signage LED signage, informational static signs, entry and exit signage, and much more.

Spike & Crash Rated Systems

For high-security facilities such as government property, Military, and Industrial sites, APS provides a line of intrusion prevention and crash-rated gate and barrier systems.

Parking Technology Partners

APS partners with leading technology manufacturers to provide our clients with proven gate, access, video and parking solutons.

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