10 Reasons Why You Need Electronic Access Control


November 08, 2021

No matter whether you’re a small commercial property owner just needing a second set of ‘eyes’ or a large corporation with advanced security requirements, Electronic Access Control or EAC can make life so much easier. Conventional access control systems can no longer provide full-scale options for protecting credentials, clearance, tracking, and information like EAC can. Not to mention, you’ll be better set to reduce your overall long-term cost of security. Read on to find out how!

There are 5 primary types of Electronic Access Control:  

  • Mandatory (MAC) – access rights are managed by the main authority based on clearance of established security levels.  
  • Discretionary (DAC) – owners or admins of the secured system or information define who or what is permitted access to the asset. 
  • Role-based (RBAC) – a commonly used access control device that limits access to digital resources based on business function instead of the users’ persona. 
  • Rule-based (also RBAC) – the system admin sets the rules that determine access to assets. 
  • Attribute-based (ABAC) – handles access authorizations by analyzing characteristics instead of business function or roles to determine access.

From there, we have 2 fundamental types of EAC systems

  • Networked – all doors are controlled via a central computer. 
  • Standalone – all doors are controlled from a singular location

With so much versatility for incorporating it into your business’ security plans, we’ve gathered our top 10 reasons for why you need electronic access control.

1. Know Your Users and Goings-on 

Every action of the system will have a record. If there is vandalism or an accident, you can know exactly who accessed a specific area during the event, thanks to a verified log of who enters and exits.  

2. Employee Safety 

EAC door entry systems can reinforce a sense of physical safety for your employees. Know that only those that business property owners want access to the premises for sure have access to the premises with building access control systems. 

3. Customize for Time and Role-Based Access 

It can be difficult to customize which doors people could access with a traditional lock and key model. On top of that, it is impossible to limit the times at which that physical key will work. With an electronic building access control system, you can give designated employees access to specific entries at particular times. Users such as admins may always be given unrestricted access to every single door but only with monitored authorization. 

4. Monitoring Reports 

With access control companies like Access Professional Systems, you will have a complete record of your property’s traffic. You can review a comprehensive trail of what entry points a particular person has been using right at your fingertips. You can pull a report of every individual that was in the building during a specific time span. If an incident is claimed, you and your team can have a time-stamped record that matches the period and get a much clearer idea of how to assess what happened. 

5. Lock and Key Management Can Be Expensive and Time-consuming  

With a conventional lock and key security system, you must hire a locksmith after, say, a breach to physically change the lock itself, which can be very pricey depending on your area. Plus, waiting around for that arrival window can cost you a lot of time, too. Consider how many secured doors are at your facility and the associated turnover. Again, if an admin key or access card is lost (or worse, stolen), your budget must also consider that turnover replacement. EAC will allow you to transfer approved access to a new device remotely. 

6. Avoid Key Duplication Misuse 

Copying traditional keys is so common and easy that it can be done for a mere couple of dollars. Now there is a growing market of access cards and key fobs duplicators, mechanisms that can be purchased on eBay and even Amazon for the price of a single meal. EAC methods will keep you a step ahead of bad actors. As inexpensive as it is to work around the current security standard, upgrading your commercial access control systems is worth the cost for safety assuredness. 

7. No Undetected Activity 

You can ascertain employees are working when and/or where they are supposed to, thus freeing up a manager’s limited attention and time. Just use that tip only when necessary, okay? 

8. Extra Security for Sensitive Data and Resources 

Set security clearance levels based only on the necessity for job functions to keep compassionate data protected. Suppose a user does not need access easily and does not grant them access! 

9. Consolidate Security Across Multiple Locations 

If only we could be in multiple places at once. With EAC, you won’t need to be to ensure all your properties are secure. Control security access in multiple locations from a single point of remote access control. Take a step back and feel confident that you’re still aware of the goings-on back at all your offices around the area. This consolidation will also help you streamline security expenses as access points now need less individual guarding. 

10. Multiple Credentials

With only a single authorization required in such a tech-based world to gain access to sensitive information, it’s so easy for the wrong person to take advantage. For example, multi-factor credentials such as two-factor authentication granted only after providing an RFID card and entering a pin on a keypad provides a much higher degree of safety to very restricted zones.

The wealth of advantages in selecting Electronic Access Control over less secure conventional methods will undoubtedly change the way you do business. You no longer have to be limited in knowing who, when, where, and how your data or facilities were accessed. Security system companies like Access Professional Systems can help you strategize and optimize each line of defense when it comes to keeping you informed and your property safe. Give us a call, and we’ll give you peace of mind. 

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