Why Automatic Gate Service Should be Included in HOA Maintenance


July 21, 2022

When it comes to homeowners’ associations, there are many things that need to be considered in order to keep a community running smoothly. One of the most important aspects of an HOA is security. Therefore, it is imperative that HOAs have automatic gate service included in their maintenance fees. HOA fees cover several types of maintenance needed throughout the community and their communal areas to keep these spaces attractive and working at full capacity.

If the community shares a common gate, like a gated community, gate automation servicing is often included in HOA fees. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but regular servicing of a frequently used automatic gate is worth it in the long run. In this blog post, we will outline the benefits of having automatic gate service included in HOA maintenance fees.

Importance of HOA Automated Gate Maintenance

The more a gate is used, the more it will need servicing due to routine wear and tear. It is recommended that automatic gates receive servicing at least once a year, but that can increase depending on how frequently the gate is being used. Regular servicing allows technicians to check if the gate is working properly and that there are no potential issues. If automatic gate service is not included in HOA fees, there is a chance that the gate won’t be serviced on a regular basis. Without routine servicing, small problems can quickly turn into big ones. By having automatic gate service included in HOA maintenance, communities can rest assured that their gate will always be in working order.

Safety and Security

The main purpose of an automatic gate is to increase the safety and security of communities and their residents. If frequently used gates do not receive routine maintenance to ensure the safety features of the gates are functioning properly, it could lead to potential safety hazards to residences and visitors. Fundamentally, an automatic gate is roughly 500 lbs. of metal being moved with a considerable amount of force and speed by a machine. The risks associated with dysfunctional gates are paramount and should be avoided at all costs. To ensure the protection of the community and its residents, automatic gate service must be included in HOA fees.

Increased Longevity

For communities covering the cost of regular maintenance, automatic gates can last up to 20 years or more. If servicing is not included as a part of HOA maintenance, there is a chance it doesn’t get serviced as often as it should, increasing the chances of problems occurring that can potentially shorten its lifespan. If the gate needs significant repairs or replacement, the cost to the community is exponentially more than the fees they would pay for regular servicing. Unlikely as it may seem, HOA fees may end up saving residents more money in the long term.


Automatic gate maintenance is necessary to preserve the aesthetic value of the community. HOAs often focus on the appearance of a community and maintaining a high standard at all times. Since automatic gates often serve as the front door to a community, keeping them in decent shape with regular servicing is certainly worthwhile. Parts need to be cleaned, lubricated or unclogged to help maintain the gate’s functions, as well as its overall appearance. These routine measures can also prevent rusting and other environmental factors that may cause the deterioration of the gate’s appearance and functionalities.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, there are several reasons why automatic gate service should be included as a routine aspect of HOA maintenance. From safety to aesthetics, it is important that gates are regularly serviced to ensure they are operating at their full potential. Although these fees can seem superfluous, they can save residents more money overall.

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