Keyless Entry System for Property Managers, HOAs and Landlords to Open Community Gates by Smartphone


May 07, 2021

Inugo offers first smartphone end-to-end parking access solution, and APS will sell, install and service it.

Inugo is a game-changer for residents, allowing them to install an app on their phones and use it to open a gate when arriving home or parking in a designated structure. While it’s easy to see how Inugo benefits individuals using the app – no need to: memorize codes, have a gate opener clutter your car or reach out from the car window to get to the keypad to punch in a code or swipe a card. Inugo’s smartphone gate access benefits property managers, Home Owners Associations, Condo Owner Associations, landlords, developers, parking operators and the like.


Benefit to Community Managers and HOAs

You may own, manage or develop gated communities or parking garages that requires those who utilize it to “check in” in some form when they enter for security and/or payment reasons. Most likely, you have equipped every user with a key card or gate opener of sorts. Upon arrival, the cardholder holds up the queue and searches for his fob, finally rolls down his or her window and scans it-sometimes requiring multiple attempts-after which the gate opens and allows him or her to enter.

This method of keeping track of who enters may seem like the best option. You might even think it is your only option. But with the card or a gate remote, there is the possibility of damage, making them ineffective. Or, more often, the cards are misplaced, especially when a user shares the card with someone who is not a resident or user of the facility. This leads to the administrative headache of having to manage request for new cards and deactivating the faulty or lost cards. There are also security risks associated with the sharing or loss of a card, allowing unauthorized users to access the residency or parking area without permission. People share cards. People do not share cell phones.

Enter Inugo, the smartphone app and access system!

There is now a new smartphone entry app, with a back office control system to help manage and replace cards and fobs. Inugo, as the name explains, is all about letting people in a gate easily, or keep them out.

Not only does Inugo provide property managers and commercial business owners with more control with regards to who enters the facility, but it also allows them to view who currently is inside the apartment complex, campus, or parking garage. One quick look at the Inugo cloud portal provides the viewer with information on who has used the app to enter the gate. A parking garage manager can know exactly how many vehicles are parked in the building at any moment by glancing at his or her phone, tablet or computer. This same manager can even keep track of payments, prompting a user of the parking structure to pay on entry or exit.

Now what if you want to grant a temporary visitor permission to enter? Whether a guest or a contractor performing a necessary task, these visitors can be remotely granted access for a limited time period through a user-friendly web-based portal. Once activated, the visitors can download the app on their smartphones and use Inugo to enter the facility. Once their allocated time expires, they will no longer be able to use the app to prompt the gate to open, with the residents or users of the facility feeling safe and secure. No more wondering if the plumber is working on one of your condominiums today, as promised. You can see that he used Inugo during the three-hour time frame you gave him, entering precisely 35 minutes ago. 

How Commercial & Residential Landlords and Property Managers can use the app

Another option that will give a manager or manager more control over who enters and when is the ability to remotely open a gate when expecting a visitor who does not utilize the app. For instance, without needing to be present, a manager could simply use his or her phone to open a gate for a potential tenant visiting the property, allowing them access this approved time only.

Maybe you are typically an on-site property manager, but you’re away from the office for the day. Instead of constantly worrying about the safety of the property and its tenants, allow Inugo to help out. You can be out of state and allow a visitor temporary access to the community with the push of a button on your phone. Your tenants will be taken care of even in your absence.

Lastly, not only are you confidently promising a new and never-before-seen level of security and convenience to others, but you are also saving yourself the time that you can dedicate to other tasks. Imagine eliminating the administrative overhead of issuing and recalling cards on a regular basis. Never again will you hear, “I lost my gate remote – I hope no one else has found it and used it!” All of your anxiety – gone and replaced with the confidence of having a sophisticated option which you can proudly present to those who utilize your private or public parking areas and residencies.

Why Communities Need Inugo

This new solution revolutionizes gate access control, eliminating the need for proximity cards, RFID, paper tickets and other outdated access solutions. Because Inugo will work on any electric gate, it can bring together all parking access under a single online portal for easy administration. APS, with its 41-year track record of successfully installing the best and latest in access control, is ready to bring your community gates into the 21st century. APS sells, installs and services Inugo Intelligent Gate Controllers and the Inugo Cloud Platform across San Diego, Orange and LA counties.

Interested to know more about Inugo? Call 858.571.4444 or send us an email. Our team will share how this can benefit your community.