Employee Spotlight: Long-time parking expert joins APS team to help grow PARCS


May 07, 2021


Ehren Moved across Country to Join APS Parking Team

Relocating for work can be a bit of an adjustment for a lot of people. However, Ehren did not think twice about moving from Chicago to San Diego to join the Access Professional Systems (APS) team.

Ehren is our new Operations Manager for Parking and with over a decade’s worth of experience working with parking vendors. We are definitely excited to have him apart of our parking team. From building servers to writing service guides, Ehren possess so many skills that make him a great asset to our business and our clients.

“APS is growing in the PARCS industry quickly and I was brought on to utilize my experience within the industry to help continue streamline installations and to help continue developing a great parking service team.”

Though he just joined the team, Ehren has not hesitated to “jump in feet first” and start working on several projects.

“Most of my time has been spent analyzing company procedures and getting a feel for APS. I don’t want to change anything or add anything that is already here and working well.”

Ehren has assured us that he is dedicated to making the parking team better, as well as APS as a whole. With his experience of having worked with various parking vendors over time, we are excited to see what suggestions and ideas Ehren can bring to the team.

“I feel that I have a good perspective of the parking industry since I have worked in the most related fields from a vendor’s perspective. I can relate to many of the possible problems that tend to pop up and hopefully come up with quick, solid solutions from my past experiences.”

Moving from Chicago was very big deal for him, especially to San Diego. As far as what his friends and family think about his move, “some are happy, some sad but all very surprised since I had no intentions on leaving, especially this distance.”

He may be a little far from home, but he definitely has a family here as apart of the APS team.

We are always committed to making sure our customers are happy and 100% satisfied with our work and we are glad to have someone who has the same values, and that’s Ehren!

“Our customers are very happy already, so I also want to help make sure they stay that way.”

We are truly glad to have Ehren and are excited to support his growth with the APS team.

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