5 Key Reasons for Parking Access Control Systems


February 21, 2023

As urbanization continues to escalate and demand for limited parking spaces grows, property owners are facing an increasing need for innovative solutions.

One solution that has been gaining momentum in recent years is parking access control. With the ability to manage and monitor parking spaces, these systems provide a more efficient way of utilizing limited parking resources and offer new opportunities to generate revenue and enhance the overall experience of employees, tenants, and visitors.

This blog post will explore why parking security solutions are essential for your organization and the various features that meet the challenges of running a successful parking operation in 2023.

Parking Access Control Market Growth 

According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global parking management market is expected to reach $10.14 billion by 2030, expanding at 12.1% CAGR from 2023 to 2030. Some of the contributing factors driving the industry’s growth are

  • Growing demand for smart technologies and sensors
  • The ever-increasing need for parking spaces
  • Opportunities for revenue generation during economic uncertainty

5 Reasons for Installing Parking Access Control 

Parking access and revenue control systems offer numerous benefits apart from facilitating traffic. With the rise of management technology and software integrations, parking access is bound to change as the industry evolves. Ensure your operation remains effective for years to come by considering these reasons.

Improve parking lot safety 

Parking lots and garages are common targets of crime, especially after hours. Without the proper measures, your facility can experience theft, vehicle damage, tailgating, and vandalism.

Parking access control systems enable you to keep track of who, when, and where people enter and exit your property. While physical barriers can help deter criminals, integrating software solutions like license plate recognition cameras will add to your overall parking strategy. These sensors and cameras are easy to install and offer a cost-effective way to enhance legacy infrastructures.

Data collection & analysis 

Parking access and revenue control systems integrated with management software can give you a better understanding of how parking spaces are being utilized and provide insight into parking availability in real time.

Depending on the level of sophistication, it can predict and anticipate traffic volumes to help you manage supply and optimize demand by setting parking fees accordingly. You can access data from anywhere at any time through a standardized dashboard to help streamline operations and facilitate smooth entry and exit.

Centralized management 

As mentioned above, all data collected through your parking management system gets consolidated and stored centrally for 24/7 access. This helps reduce discrepancies in keeping track of multiple systems while saving time and money.

Centralized management also enables you to assign spaces for repeat users, determine when and where they can gain access, and grant varying levels of access to specific customer groups.

Revenue generation 

Installing parking access and revenue control systems allows you to track and count vehicle entry and exit in real time, a critical aspect of running a smooth operation. Automated real-time data gives you the option to display the number of spaces available, and by recording the time a vehicle is parked in your facility, you can make informed decisions when charging parking rates. These detailed reports and data let you track revenue over time, identify unauthorized cars and audit the system regularly.

Parking control automation 

Automated parking management offers many features that make access control installation a lucrative investment. By automating several manual processes, you can

  • Offer ticketless parking as a sustainable solution that maximizes profit fees
  • Improve user convenience and security with automatic gates
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for on-site operators

PARCS Key Takeaways 

Parking access control systems restrict access to your parking facility to reduce the number of unauthorized vehicles while maintaining maximum security. By integrating innovative parking security solutions, you can make better use of existing resources and efficiently manage your operation for optimal user experience and safety.

Additionally, modern customers expect touch-free options and the ability to pay with their mobile devices. Parking access control offers the competitive edge you need in today’s economic landscape.

Why Access Professionals 

For over 25 years, Access Professional Systems has been delivering cutting-edge parking control solutions that address all industry applications.

We work with each of our clients to understand their parking operation, revenue goals, timelines, and customer experience vision. By partnering with leading technology manufacturers, APS offers proven gate, access, video, and parking solutions needed in today’s environment.

Our parking technology systems include parking access and revenue control, parking guidance systems, and parking automation – all backed by world-class warranty and service.

Each system has the ability to integrate automation, license plate recognition, building access control, and video surveillance for comprehensive solutions customized to your business needs. Ready to future-proof your operations? Get in touch with our Arizona or California-based teams today!



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