Benefits of Preventative Maintenance


May 07, 2021

APS has worked with enough property managers to understand the amount of stress they’re under, and that the last thing they need to worry about is their gate failing, or worse, falling! For this reason, preventative maintenance is a huge factor in client success. The unfortunate times companies pass on this service, they are eventually met with overwhelming expensive and avoidable problems.

Preventative maintenance can be incredibly financially beneficial for property managers and convenient for their residents. It provides accountable oversight and information to the property manager on how the equipment is performing, how long it will last, and how to plan for the necessary upgrades or replacements. While performing these routine inspections, APS is able to notify property managers before a catastrophic failure occurs, and provide solutions for repair. Also, if major replacement costs are necessary, APS can work with the customer to build a plan for the needed upgrades during the regularly scheduled visits, saving the property manager time and money!

For example, before ultimately signing up for a maintenance plan, one APS client made multiple service calls over a span of two years that, as you can see from the chart, cost significantly more than the cost of an annual maintenance contract.

Like a car, gate equipment must be cared for consistently. APS caters to this need by structuring the terms of each maintenance agreement with the property’s specific needs in mind.  APS also services equipment for video surveillance, access control and parking management. Here are some examples of different types of agreements:

  • Emergency gates (or, gates with little use)- One visit per year for a complete tune-up. This is an extremely economical, yet responsible action for your community and the first responders.
  • Small HOAs or other small sites- Yearly or Biannual agreements.
  • Medium sized HOAs or small commercial properties- Quarterly agreements.
  • Large HOAs or commercial properties- Monthly or Bimonthly agreements. With communities that have a lot of gate usage and/or cannot allow gates to be broken or left open.

When searching for a maintenance contract, property managers should expect the agreement to outline what services are being performed on each visit. Where other companies will simply test whether the gate opens and closes properly, APS believes in spending twice the amount of time on your equipment than some of your competitors and will provide a detailed checklist to follow for each job performed. Here are some examples of what may be included in that list:

  • Tighten hinges or rollers as needed.
  • Check brackets for secure mounting.
  • Check track for secure mounting.
  • Inspect for proper alignment and security.
  • Oil or grease rollers, bearings, hinges, or any moving parts as needed.
  • Check chain for sag.
  • Check gear reducer oil level.
  • Check all sprockets and pulleys for alignment, tighten set screws as needed.
  • Oil or grease bearing and chain.
  • Check clutch and adjust as needed.
  • Check belts for excessive wear.
  • Check electrical connections.
  • Check all safety devices for proper operation.
  • Check overall operation of gate operator.


Let APS take care of your community with a Preventative Maintenance agreement.  Request a service contract today at (858) 571-4444 or