Security System Checklist & Audit: Is Your Security System Outdated?


March 08, 2024

With technological advancements constantly emerging, ensuring that your security system is up-to-date and efficient is critical. But how do you know if your system keeps up with the latest security technology? This is where a security system audit becomes invaluable.  

A comprehensive security assessment thoroughly examines your existing security measures, assessing their effectiveness and identifying any areas needing enhancement or updating.  

In this blog, we will delve into the importance of conducting regular audits and provide a security system checklist to help you determine if your system has outdated security technology. Let’s get started!  

The Importance of Regular Security Audits  

How old is your security system? It’s recommended to upgrade your security system if it is five years old or older. Technology evolves rapidly, and what was cutting-edge five years ago may now be obsolete.  

Older systems need more advanced features and integrations of their modern counterparts, potentially leaving gaps in your security. Moreover, outdated systems are more prone to failure and may not comply with the latest safety standards.  

Therefore, regular security system audits are essential to ensure that your system is functional and aligns with the latest advancements in security technology. They provide a pathway to upgrade and optimize your security infrastructure, ensuring the safety and integrity of your property.  

Security System Checklist: Signs of Outdated Security Technology  

When it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your security system, staying alert to the signs of obsolescence is crucial. Here, we’ll highlight some common indicators that suggest your security system might be outdated and need an upgrade.  

Each of these signs is a clear call to action, prompting a thorough evaluation and potential update of your security measures.  

Frequent system failures or malfunctions   

Consistent issues or malfunctions in your security system are telltale signs of ageing technology. If you’re frequently calling for repairs or noticing glitches, it strongly indicates that your system is no longer reliable. Modern security systems offer excellent stability and less downtime, ensuring continuous protection.  

Lack of compatibility with new devices  

An outdated security system often needs help integrating newer, more advanced devices and technologies. This lack of compatibility can limit your system’s functionality and prevent you from using the latest advanced security solutions.  

Limited remote access or control features  

Modern security systems offer extensive remote access and control capabilities, allowing you to manage security settings from anywhere. If your system lacks these features, it’s a sign that it’s falling behind current standards.  

Poor image quality in video surveillance  

Advancements in camera technology have significantly improved the quality of surveillance footage. If your video surveillance system still produces grainy or low-resolution images, it’s time to consider an upgrade to high-definition or 4K cameras for clearer, more detailed imagery.  

Inadequate coverage or detection capabilities  

Older security systems might have limited coverage areas or need more sophisticated motion detection and alert features. Modern systems provide comprehensive coverage and more intelligent detection technologies, ensuring no critical areas are left unprotected. Recognizing these indicators is the first step towards enhancing your property’s security.  

Overview of Advanced Security Solutions  

Maintaining a robust and effective security system is essential to staying informed about modern solutions. The latest advancements in security technology enhance safety and bring efficiency and ease of management. Here’s an overview of some critical advanced security solutions to consider when updating your system:  

  • Smart Technologies: Integrating innovative technology in security systems allows for more intuitive and user-friendly control. Features like remote access, real-time alerts, gate automation, and customizable settings are now standard in modern systems.  
  • AI-Based Surveillance: Artificial intelligence has revolutionized surveillance capabilities. AI-powered cameras and systems can provide advanced motion detection, facial recognition, and even predictive analysis, making security proactive rather than reactive.  
  • Advanced Access Control: Modern access control solutions restrict entry and include features like biometric scans, mobile access, and integration with other systems for a seamless security experience. Incorporating PARCS systems efficiently manages and secures parking facilities while streamlining revenue collection and control.  
  • Integrated Security Solutions: Integration is vital in modern security systems. An integrated system ensures that all components, like video surveillance cameras and access control, work together as an advanced security solution.  

These technologies offer enhanced security features and improve the overall user experience, making managing these systems more efficient and effective.  

Planning for a Security System Upgrade 

Once you’ve identified the need for an upgrade and understood the modern solutions available, the next step is planning the upgrade. Upgrading a security system can be a significant investment, so it’s crucial to approach this process strategically:  

  • Budgeting: Determine a budget that accommodates both immediate needs and future scalability. Investing in a system that can grow with your needs will be more cost-effective in the long run.  
  • Prioritizing Needs: Assess which aspects of your security system need the most immediate attention. Prioritize upgrades that will have the most significant impact on your security and efficiency.  
  • Professional Consultation: Seek advice from security professionals who can provide insights tailored to your needs. Companies like APS offer expertise in identifying and implementing the right solutions effectively.  

A well-planned upgrade enhances security and ensures that the investment is aligned with your long-term security strategy. 

APS and TIBA X60: Redefining Parking at JW Marriott Starpass 



JW Marriott Starpass in Arizona took a significant leap forward in upgrading its parking facilities by implementing a TIBA X60 Parking Access and Revenue Control System.   

This project, fully managed by APS, encompassed a complete overhaul from infrastructure improvement to integrating advanced technology. The primary challenge was to transform an outdated parking system into a modern, efficient, and secure operation tailored to meet the evolving needs of a busy hotel environment.  

The benefits of this upgrade were substantial and immediate. The TIBA X60 system introduced a user-friendly interface and enhanced security features, significantly improving the parking experience for guests and staff alike.   

This system streamlined the parking process and offered sophisticated access control and surveillance capabilities, thereby elevating the security standards of the hotel’s parking facilities.   

Moreover, the sophisticated revenue control features of the TIBA system allowed for more efficient management of parking fees, contributing to an increase in operational profitability.   

APS’s role in this transformation was pivotal, providing a turnkey solution that ensured a smooth transition to the new system and continuing support to maintain its efficiency in the years to come. 

Modernizing Security Infrastructure with APS  

Ensuring your current security system is essential for safeguarding safety and operational efficiency, especially in specialized environments. Robust apartment security systems are vital for more significant residential properties, providing comprehensive security for resident protection.   

Likewise, in educational settings, efficient security systems for schools and universities play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of students. Regular security audits are a crucial part of this process, helping identify when a system is outdated and needs an upgrade.   

Modern security solutions offer a range of features that can significantly enhance your security posture. When planning for an upgrade, consider your budget, prioritize your needs, and seek professional advice to ensure you make the most informed decisions.  

For those looking to conduct a professional security system audit and explore modernizing their security systems, APS offers expertise and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us for a free consultation and take the first step towards a more secure and efficient future!  



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