Employee Spotlight: New Parking Employee joins APS in Orange County


May 06, 2021


APS Expands their Orange County Parking Services

Having employees on our team who love what they do is a part of what makes APS so great. Wes recently joined the APS team and is eager to use his experience to aid the continued growth of the company.

Wes started working in the parking industry when he was just 17 years old and has since upheld high-level parking roles for various companies. “I want to get to know every side of this business. I’ve been in parking for about 20 years off and on, since I was 17. I really got dedicated in 2005” says Wes.

He is excited to join the APS team as the Parking Technology Specialist. It is a very unique role and he will be based out of Orange County. We thought Wes would be perfect for this role because he has been an operator/manager and an equipment specialist, working on various types of parking equipment over the years. Wes has the operational and equipment knowledge which is an extremely valuable skill set for APS’ current and expanding customer base. “I’ll be expanding our business out here since I’ve been working on all different kinds of parking equipment the past couple of years and throughout the entire time I’ve been working in parking.”

Because he will be dealing with both the technician and the customer side, Wes’ role will require him to have quite a few responsibilities but he is definitely up for the challenge. He enjoys being busy and anticipating what is next to come. “I always like to be busy. The past couple of years, I have slowed down a little bit being in the role of a district manager and I had my son during that time. He turns 4 in January and then I had a daughter, she’s turning 2 in January as well.”

Wes’ family has been very supportive throughout the duration of his career. He has never had a problem keeping work in this industry so when he left his last company, they were eager to see what he would be doing next. “This whole experience has been great. You’re kind of nervous in the beginning, I’ve never been unemployed since I was 15 years old. I just really appreciate on a personal level that the whole company spent like 8 or 9 hours talking to me, really talking to me and getting to know me. Once my family found out, they all called me back and congratulated me.”

In the first 90 days, Wes wants to “get to know and building a relationship with with the APS team and our customers. I’m a people person so that’s how I got all my jobs and kept them. That would be first then really diving in and understanding how they work and their policies and who to contact for what to make it easier for me to find out who to go to if things come up.”

We are so excited to have Wes as apart of the team and see what great things he is going to do as we further expand our services offer into Orange County and LA.

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