APS Sees Rapid Growth in Orange County with PARCS and PGS


May 06, 2021

Expanding with Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems and Parking Guidance Systems

San Diego based Access Professional Systems (APS) has been expanding into Orange County to meet growing demand in the parking access and revenue control field. More and more businesses, city governments, organizations and partnerships are getting smarter about their parking  and depending on advanced technologies to drive their operations .

Smart City Mobility

Every city wants to be ‘smart’. When it comes to mobility, APS technology can make that happen. The right solution is based on having the right fit for your needs. Here are three smart city technologies and a brief description on how each can help manage parking depending on the operational situation. Which is right for you?

What makes Smart Parking

Looking for a real-time self-service parking system that automates the entry, exit and payment of all customers accessing a parking facility?

As an  exclusive distributor of TIBA PARCS equipment for Southern California, APS delivers the full package from design, to install to maintenance.

A TIBA system means:

  • Advanced software tools and a robust system that integrates with third party systems for the fastest transaction processing times.
  • Open architecture and proven interface with a three tier redundant system and a modular plug and play design which ties into the Smart Cities ecosystem.
  • It draws on 28 Years of Barcode Technology Experience, and all at the lowest total cost of ownership with low maintenance costs.
  • Lowest true cost of ownership over the life of system

It works across a variety of markets, too, including hotels, mixed use parking, airports, universities, municipalities, and retail centers.

Interested to learn more? Take a look at the exact types of installations we offer here


Counting the ways Parking Guidance Systems provide a faster parking experience

APS has found a sweet spot in providing Smart, Simple and Scalable Parking Guidance for its customers. Partnering with EnSight Technologies, a software company using intelligent vision systems to track and counts cars, APS is providing guidance to all types of parking provider. “Historically parking guidance has been a novelty technology solution for mega clients like airports and casinos who have deep pockets, but with EnSight, APS can now provide automation for the rest of them,” says Chris Scheppmann President of APS and Managing Member of EnSight Technologies.

Cutting out costly complexity, the EnSight ecosystem makes intelligent parking guidance technology available to the everyday parking providers. Built with an innovative flexible architecture, we provide customers the freedom to scale and customize their ecosystem the way they choose.

You can choose to start simple with total garage occupancy, or scale up with level occupancy, specialty parking and aisle counts. Gone are the days of wasting time driving around a parking structure hoping that you either stumble across a vacant parking spot, as a PGS will inform you on space availability.

Our clients are investing in parking guidance systems to:

  • Increase capacity and turnover
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Create on-demand pricing
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Total use metrics for managing garage maintenance

If you want to provide a smoother, faster parking experience, add a PGS. Talk to us today about what is right for you. 


Mobile Parking Platform – Inugo

Inguo is a technology that helps manage transient and monthly parking from one cloud-based platform. It offers a unique windows up, frictionless parking experience, and APS sells, installs and services Inugo Intelligent Gate Controllers and the Inugo Cloud Platform across San Diego, Orange and LA counties.

Benefits for Parking Providers:

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing parking systems and PARCS equipment
  • Ticketless and cashless, and reduce revenue leakage
  • Secure payment through the Inugo app
  • Reduce admin time and manage all your parking from a single parking platform
  • Frictionless access and management of monthly contract parking

Benefits for Parkers:

  • Unlock thousands of available parking spaces
  • Ticketless and cashless, easily pay for parking using your phone
  • A digital parking pass — no more queues at pay stations
  • Open barriers and parking gates from the Inugo app

Designed to help consumers and businesses alike, the Inugo smartphone parking app lets parkers find, access, and pay for parking from their phone. It is designed to take the stress out of parking, and get people to their destination faster. It also integrates with existing PARCS systems, to speed up parking access control system.


Getting smarter about parking technology

Advances in PARCS, PGS and new technology such as Inugo are just some of the exciting new projects APS is working on to make access and parking a smoother, smarter experience for everyone. Demand continues to grow, as we have seen in San Diego and Orange County. APS is ready to help drive advances in parking technology.  


Talk to one of our team about how we can support parking and access for your organization.