Employee Spotlight: Jennifer, Service Development Representative with APS


May 07, 2021


The property manager’s best secret asset

Can you imagine a service provider so appreciated that the kudos is palpable when their name is mentioned? For APS, this is Jennifer. Property managers resoundingly agree that Jennifer is their go-to and problem-solver extraordinaire.

It’s her quick response that makes her so valued. She says, “I answer questions quickly or reply that I will find the answer, resolve issues and requests and am friendly. I try to handle everything same day.”

“I’m able to communicate effectively, multi-task and am organized. I also listen to what the customers need so it can be addressed properly, attention to the details whether being said or not said.”

A Property Manager’s secret asset

Questions or issues arise in any business, and Access Professional Systems (APS) aims to solve client problems quickly. Jennifer likes to help solve them. “Problems are usually broken equipment/gates and are in need of service, which I usually forward on to service to schedule. More than likely for me, residents names, numbers and remotes need to be programmed into a system. Right away, I will program their requests and solve any other issues that have come up.”

Jennifer’s top 3 tips to property managers to help her perform better, are “to have the most accurate information possible, communicate with us to their best ability and in a timely manner, and communicate with their property.”

Making a difference

“There have been many great days at work, but I would say the best of all was when I was promoted to more of a sales type position. I still get to interact with the customers, which I enjoy, and have new goals and opportunities to learn more and move around in the company. I felt even more like I was a part of something bigger, a growing company on the rise.”

APS is more than just a job, it’s like being part of a family. “We had some great times playing corn hole in the middle of the office or functions where we all get together to have a good time, is something I have only really experienced here. Everyone forgets about everything else and just have a really good time. We all know how to have a great time together, whether it be when we went to Charger games, or Christmas parties, or a BBQ. Most of us know each other on a personal level, which brings us back to ‘family’ and that’s what makes it so different.”

Working for APS

“Shortly after I began in 2014 I knew I made the right decision to work here. I really liked my co-workers, the organization’s mission and agree with the goals and felt like a part of the team right away. I also realized it when everywhere I went and go now, I look at the gates, entry systems, remotes, etc. and see how it works, if it works, how we could help the property the gate is at. And, honestly, you really do get the sense of ‘family’ here and when I felt that, I knew this was for me.”

“I really am most proud of Russ, not just one thing, but a person. He built this company from the ground up and even though there were rough patches, he kept it going and has made it what it is today, along with the team who has supported and worked as well, the company exists because of Russ. I think employees work here because of the other folks here, they also have a pretty steady stream of work and are always busy. It takes each one of us to help keep APS going, which makes us a Team, but the relationships we all hold with each other and our customers is what makes us unique and thrive.”

It is employees like Jennifer, and the whole team, that make APS the customer serving business it has become today.

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